Imagining a government that works for Canadians

Sorry Justin, your broken promise means 2015 was your last strategic voting election

In 2011, Stephen Harper won a majority government with less than 40%. Then Justin Trudeau did the same in 2015.

But there was a key difference: Trudeau promised 2015 would be the last election run under the first-past-the-post system that turns 38% support into 100% power.

Of course, Justin Trudeau broke that promise. So once again Justin Trudeau is asking for your “strategic” vote, telling Canadians the broken system he promised to fix means you can’t vote for the leader you want.

The 2015 election wasn’t the last vote held using first-past-the-post. But it was the last election the Liberals could demand your “strategic” vote. 

This election, Canadians are saying No to strategic voting. There’s no mystery why.

In part, it’s because rewarding Justin Trudeau with a “strategic” vote for breaking his promise to end strategic voting is more than perverse. It’s rewarding the most cynical politics imaginable. It’s morally unacceptable. The punishment and natural consequence of Justin Trudeau’s broken promise should be that Canadians vote for the leader they want.

But there are other key reasons why Canadians are rejecting “strategic” voting this election.

Last time, it didn’t turn out well. In particular, it didn’t turn out well for younger Canadians who put their trust in Justin Trudeau — who then used your vote of trust to work for the people at the very top.

Justin Trudeau gave them free pipelines and corporate tax cuts. They got billions in write-offs. They got to collect high rents and get paid high drug prices. They got to hike their cell service prices.

Canadians — especially younger Canadians — paid for it all.

And while Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is simply unacceptable, at 31 per cent in recent polls, his Conservatives are one point lower than in 2015, when then won 99 seats. A majority is 170 seats — Andrew Scheer is nowhere close. Yet — so perversely — Justin Trudeau wants to tell you he is.

We can’t reward broken promises with “strategic” votes. Once gain, it won’t turn out well. And Andrew Scheer isn’t a threat. So this time, Canadians aren’t settling for less that what they deserve.

And what Canadians deserve is a government that works for them. One trying to solve their problems. The people at the very top are doing fine — we need a government that works for you.

Jagmeet Singh is in this to fight for people. That’s what New Democrats do.

If your local NDP candidate gets enough votes, you will elect an NDP MP. And if we elect enough NDP MPs, Jagmeet Singh will become your Prime Minister. But whatever the result, with whatever power voters give him, Jagmeet Singh will work on solving the problem holding you back.

This time, Canadians can vote for what they want — and if enough of us do, we’re going to get it.