Imagining a government that works for Canadians

Only voting for Jagmeet Singh can end the cycle of cynical politics dragging us backward

‪For four years, many Canadians have been going backward because Trudeau’s priority has been helping the people at the top.

Rents went up. Childcare costs rose. Out-of-pocket medical expenses went up. The cell phone monopolies charged more and more. Reconciliation turned to court fights with little kids. And instead of fighting climate change, Trudeau planned to expand oil sands production.

‬Instead of acting to help people, Justin Trudeau met with lobbyists. He let them win — and made you pay for it.

‪Now he uses his broken promise of electoral reform to intimidate the people who he betrayed. He wants you to give him your vote — so he can continue to work for those at the very top.

It’s a cycle of cynical politics. Trudeau hurts people — and wants to be rewarded for it so he can do it some more. It’s sick.

There are solutions to our problems. We can have universal pharmacare for all. We can construct more affordable housing with affordable rents. The four million Canadians without dental coverage can have it. We can cap cell phone rates and create a national childcare system. We can fight climate change like we want to win. And make progress on reconciliation.

We can. But Trudeau never will. His priority is the people at the top, not the Canadian people.

And that is why it is so important that, this election, we vote for someone different. Someone who will fight for people and break the cycle of political cynicism.

Only a vote for Jagmeet Singh breaks the cycle of political cynicism. And when enough Canadians vote with us to end that cycle, our government will work for us. We can start building the solutions that will move us forward.

It’s more than a dream. On October 21, if we vote for Jagmeet Singh in great enough numbers, it’s a plan.