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As Liberals halt anti-Scheer attacks, Singh draws Trudeau into climate change face-off

Adrift as his blackface controversy prevented Liberal leader Justin Trudeau from unloading attacks on Andrew Scheer’s social conservative views, Trudeau today was pulled into a climate change challenge with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

In June, Singh’s NDP released their campaign platform, New Deal for People, a 109 page document that includes about 20 pages on climate change. Singh’s plan includes $15 billion to fund infrastructure changes to decarbonize the Canadian economy.

Singh’s plan targets money to transition private and public transportation to electric power, upgrade building efficiency and remove subsidies from carbon fuel sources.

Going green: Trudeau ditches red.

Setting aside his usual Liberal-red podium for one in green-paint, Trudeau said his Liberals would pass a law requiring the government to meet 2050 carbon targets.

Aside from new corporate tax cuts for the very small number of businesses with zero carbon emissions, Trudeau provided no details on how his government would meet these legislated targets.

According to Environment Canada reports, Canada will miss its Paris 2030 targets by 79 Megatons, up from a 66 Megaton gap the year before. Canada’s 2030 emissions target is 517 Megatons.

And, of course, Mr. Trudeau has been known to break the law to help corporate interests.