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Elizabeth May’s self-inflicted integrity crisis threatens to crumple Green campaign

Coming under public pressure, perhaps Elizabeth May had to cancel her tutorials with Warren Kinsella before they were complete.

Certainly, leaving untidy details like Francis Duguay would not be Kinsella’s style.

Peaked too soon? Is May whats dragging down Green support?

And now, with a new Abacus poll today showing a continued slide in her party’s support, Green Party leader Elizabeth May needs to face questions about whether her integrity issues are what’s dragging down the Green Party.

May failed to settle “racism card” controversy

On Tuesday, newly-pressed Green Party member Jonathan Richardson, in urging New Brunswick’s NDP voters to switch to the Green Party, argued the NDP can’t win in the province because New Brunswickers are too racist.

’Cause learning?

The “racism card” often came up in his travels within the province, he said in explaining why voters need to shift to the Greens.

Richardson specifically pointed to the northern part of the province, where French-language speakers are concentrated.

On Wednesday, May responded to criticism of Richardson’s comments, saying there was “no room” for racists in the Green Party.

But May raised no concern about Richardson leveraging a racist argument to encourage NDP voters to move to the Green Party and offered no apology for Richardson’s smear against New Brunswick, and its french-speaking people in particular.

NDP spokesperson Melanie Richer said Richardson’s comments didn’t give enough credit to New Brunswickers.

Richardson made the comments at a Green Party press conference where reporters were told that, in all, 14 New Democrats, including Richardson’s mother, were quitting the NDP to join the Greens.

New integrity challenge on May’s false defector story

Now that story is proving to be false.

NDP riding association president Francis Duguay has told a Radio-Canada reporter he was “stunned” to hear his name read out from a list of people the Green Party said were joining them

And sources in the NDP campaign say they have been able to confirm that five others named by Richardson were not consulted and did not consent to be named as Green Party members.

In July, Richardson’s mother, Joyce Richardson, did not pass the NDP vetting process and was blocked as a candidate for the New Brunswick NDP leadership. While the vetting process is confidential, Ms Richardson did face New Brunswick Law Society sanction in 2011.

Now, on top of failing to apologize for Richardson’s smear against New Brunswickers and his leverage of racist arguments to aid the Green Party, May needs to explain to Canadians how her party failed to vet Jonathan Richardson and his story of “14 defectors.”