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Gamechangers poll analyst: NDP’s Singh most popular leader — by far

Poll after polls shows he has the most popular policies. But Gamechangers’ polling analyst says “factor regression disfactoring” shows NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is Canada’s most popular political leader — and it’s not even close.

Earlier this summer, Singh released his New Deal for People, an election platform that pledges a series of policies that are starkly different from his Liberal or Conservative competitors.

Heavy lobbying of the Trudeau Liberals by Big Pharma and insurance companies won another four year delay to pharmacare, which the Liberals first promised in the 1990s. But the pharmacare proposal, which the NDP has long backed, has been a proven poll-topper and could prove to be a key point of contrast between Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Singh.

Singh has also pledged to fund a jobs program to shift Canada to a low-carbon economy, a concept broadly known as a green new deal.

And Singh has pledged to put a one per cent wealth tax on estates of more than $20 million while reducing the percentage of tax-free capital gains.

We don’t even know the opinion of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer on these issues, because reporters don’t ask him. But intense media analysis suggests Trudeau holds an edge over Scheer on these issues.

Singh’s strength on core economic issues driving popularity, says analyst

But Singh’s strength on core economic issues seem to be propelling him to the top spot with Canadians, says Gamechangers poll analyst Erin Groggier.

After factoring for regression disfactoring, Groggier says Singh is by far the most popular political leader in Canada — and it’s not even close.

The factored regression disfactoring probability index methodology model realigns polling results by removing the bigots who won’t vote for a brown person regardless of what he says, thinks, does, how much better qualified he is, or how much his commitments helps them.

An Angus Reid poll shows 29 per cent of Canadians need to be factored into the factored regression disfactoring model due to VRR — voting with racist reason.

After applying the model to remove VRR voters, Singh is the only leader with a positive rating and is massively more popular that either Trudeau or Scheer, who both hold a net negative approval rating.

Unfactored by VRR, Trudeau, Scheer deeply unpopular

The ratings of Scheer and Trudeau are not affected by VRR and no one asks about the popularity of their policies, such as deeper tax cuts for corporations or using legislation to override the right to free collective bargaining, says Groggier.

However, a close analysis may show Trudeau holding an edge on Scheer on these policies, according to Groggier.

On Wednesday, Green Party leader Elizabeth May said Green Party members who say they can’t support the NDP because voters don’t like turbans says VRR is not a factor within her party.

An election call could come as early as this Sunday for a voting date on Monday, October 21.

Editor — this is satire and the people in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or deal, is purely coincidental.