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Elizabeth May: I might help make Andrew Scheer Canada’s next PM

Thankfully she only has two seats.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has reacted to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s declaration made last Thursday that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s views are “disgustingly prejudiced” and his NDP MPs would never prop-up a Scheer minority.

In contrast to Singh’s strong anti-Scheer position, on Saturday Elizabeth May reiterated that she and her second Green MP might help the Conservatives return to office.

Her comments were made on twitter in response to a voter who’d ruled out a Green vote because of May’s potential support for Scheer.

In her tweet, the Green Party leader presented her position as simply a function of how parliamentary democracy works.

However, there is no rule against any leader or parliamentary group ruling-out an alliance — or even talks about an alliance — with another leader or group they find fundamentally incompatible, as Singh has done.

In addition to condemning Scheer’s politics, Singh pointed at Trudeau’s weak support for the fundamental rights of LGBTQI2S+ people — not lifting the blood donation ban, not outlawing conversion therapy and not ending employment discrimination.

Canadians deserve a Prime Minister who will stand up for people’s fundamental rights, Singh argued.

Shortly after the last elections resulting in a minority parliament, which took place in fall 2008, the Liberals and New Democrats inked a deal to oust Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper from office. However, in early 2009 the Liberals switched leaders, backtracked on their deal and instead propped up the Harper Conservatives until 2011.