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Liberal strategist: NDP should prop-up Conservative minority — like Liberals did

Liberal strategist Scott Reid has told the Globe and Mail that Jagmeet Singh’s NDP should be open to teaming up with Conservative MPs to make Andrew Scheer the next Prime Minister of Canada.

That improbable alliance was shot down by the NDP leader late last week.

Reid’s federal Liberals formed an alliance with the minority Harper Conservative government from 2009 until 2011, after backing out of a late 2008 agreement to oust Harper in coalition with the NDP.

Last Thursday, in response to a video that Singh said showed Scheer’s “disgusting prejudice” against gay Canadians, the NDP leader committed his New Democrats to blocking Scheer from becoming Prime Minister in a minority parliament.

Singh also aimed fire at current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying his government had been weak on protecting Canadians’ fundamental rights.

Social media responses have shown broad support among NDP activists for Singh’s strong anti-Scheer position. But Reid argues Singh should keep an open door to doing something similar to the 2009-11 Ignatieff-Harper pact.

Reid’s comments have rekindled concern that in a minority parliament the Liberals could again team-up with the Conservatives rather than form an alliance with Singh’s NDP.

Green leader Elizabeth May has also said she is open to an alliance with the Conservatives, though she only has two seats in the 338 seat House of Commons.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not publicly commented on a possible post-election alliance with Scheer.