Imagining a government that works for Canadians

Singh must keep focus on Canadians to keep growing in polls

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh needs to continue to offer a government that works for the Canadian people and keep presenting solutions for Canadians’ problems.

Really, that’s what they all party leaders should be doing. Instead, why do Liberals and Conservatives in Ottawa keep making life easier for the rich and harder for the rest of us?

Justin Trudeau is great with the public hugs when Canadians are hurting. But in private he makes backroom deals with his corporate friends. Last election, he charmed people with pretty words and empty promises. Now we’ve seen the SNC scandal, the Irving family influence and Big Pharma lobbying — so people see through that act now.

And Andrew Scheer will continue to work for the corporations. This election, he’ll promise people a few bucks. But if he wins, it’ll cost us a lot more. People have seen enough of that.

It’s hard for Canadians imagine a government that actually works for the Canadian people. But that’s Singh’s job, so he needs to keep talking about his “New Deal for People” — and if he keeps talking about that, he’ll keep rising in the polls.