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Toronto Liberals silent as Doug Ford takes Ontario Place from the people

I’ve lived in Parkdale-High Park almost all my adult life. My wife and I have raised our three kids here. And that included a lot of fun hot summer days at the Ontario Place, especially at the waterslide.

People who live elsewhere maybe don’t understand the relationship people in Parkdale-High Park have with our public spaces and water. Here, we live it.

Grenadier Pond is in the heart of our community

We have the Humber River parks on the west. The waterfront parks and Ontario Place to our south. And Grenadier Pond and Catfish Pond right in the middle.

In Parkdale-High Park we are proud and protective of our public spaces. In an increasingly unequal Canada, public spaces are an important equalizer. We know those spaces intimately — and proudly share them with everyone.

So it’s an insult to the people of Parkdale-High Park that Premier Doug Ford makes plans for Ontario Place with no input from the people here — or anyone else. And it’s an outrage that federal Liberals — who hold every seat in Toronto — have gone silent.

Perhaps federal Liberals feel they own their Toronto seats — just like Doug Ford feels he owns Ontario Place.

I’m Tom Parkin, nominee to be your NDP candidate in Parkdale-High Park.

I’m proud to say I live in Parkdale-High Park. Our parks and waterways are my lived experience. They matter to us. And I can guarantee you that as your NDP MP for Parkdale-High Park, I will never go silent when Doug Ford — or any other politician — tries to take them away.

Let’s join together and fight to improve our public spaces, not lose them. To expand our public services, not cut them. To bring people together — not divide them. To fight for workers and our environment — not let inequality spiral out of control and carbon emissions rise.

Those are the values New Democrats in Parkdale-High Park stand for. Together, let’s make the Canada we want.